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Going to the dentist always makes me feel nervous/anxious, this place is different though. All the staff were very nice and friendly. Dr. Khan is very easy to talk to. He made sure you are at your utmost comfort and he discussed all possible options. The prices are very fair. Will highly recommend this place for any dental work.

Janine Dela Ysla Avatar
Janine Dela Ysla

5 star ratingI'm glad my husband and I found Smiles Cafe Dentistry, both dentists are wonderful and we love coming here! and highly recommended them!Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. Grace

Norma G. Avatar
Norma G.

The staff is so nice and friendly! They are always on top of things. Going to the dentist is always scary but they make it comfortable for you. I’d recommend this dental practice to anyone looking to find a wonderful dentist

Booe Freida Avatar
Booe Freida

5 star ratingI had a pain on my tooth a week ago and needed my tooth to be taken care of asap. I called Dr. Khan's office on Saturday morning and got it scheduled on Monday's morning. I visited the office, the whole team was nice to me. I met Dr. Khan 2 (Dr.Khan 1's brother). They look completely alike but Dr. Khan 2 looked younger. Lol.Dr. Khan was personal, asked me about what brought me there today, showed me the X-Ray result, and advised me to extract my hurtful tooth off. He was patient to explain, and told me that I could go home to think before making the decision. After that moment, I was so confident to say that they were truly cared about clients, and didn't push for service. I got my tooth removed without hurting. Dr. Khan double checked with me during the time he took my tooth off that if it hurt, and raised my hand in case I felt anything. As like all reviews in his Yelp, I felt warm and welcomed here.I booked another appointment of deep cleaning for my teeth in August and can't wait to come visit Dr. Khan again.I highly recommend this office to everyone.Thank you Dr. Khan and his team.

Linh N. Avatar
Linh N.

5 star ratingVery kind people. Fast appointment for a painful cavity. Pulled wisdom tooth with cavity in less than 2 minutes with no pain. I was numbed but it is usually still uncomfortable. It has been a few hours and I feel slightly achy but nothing serious. No pain meds needed.

rebecca p. Avatar
rebecca p.

5 star ratingCan't say enough good things about this dentist. Highly recommend. Amazing staff. Incredible dentist, Dr. Kahn is fantastic. I've always hated going to the dentist and had mild anxiety attacks when I went. Not the case anymore. As long as this practice is here I will be a client.

Susan D. Avatar
Susan D.

5 star ratingI am so happy to have found Smiles Cafe Dentistry. I am absolutely terrified to go to the dentist because of past experiences. I received an initial call from the dentist himself, and was able to vocalize my concerns to him directly. I really appreciated the call with him because I felt heard and comfortable knowing that I was able to communicate my concerns prior to my appointment. From my initial call with the staff, to the doctor and then going to the office, and the team there, everyone was friendly and welcoming. I felt like my concerns and fears mattered and mostly importantly were heard. During my exam, the dentist was very honest and I know that I can trust him and build a long term relation with him and his team. Thank you for caring for me and guiding me to a point where I feel less scared of going to the dentist.

Sonia F. Avatar
Sonia F.

Very professional and friendly service. They have all the latest diagnostic equipment. With my first visit I realized how far behind the times my previous dentist was. Just had my third visit today and I’m very happy I found this place! Deana the hygienist is awesome, and Dr Kahn is very thorough.

Tom HB Avatar
Tom HB

5 star ratingDr.khan is really comforting and his work is great. My mom went in for an implant and he was so thorough with explaining the process, and when doing the actual implant he was amazing on making my mom feel comfortable since she was nervous. He is great at what he does and very professional. So glad I found him, his whole staff is great and very nice. My mom is a nervous wreck when going to the dentist but now she looks forward to her appointments with Dr. Khan!!!!! I wish I could give him more than 5 stars lol

Emilia C. Avatar
Emilia C.

The best dentist I’ve ever been to! They thoroughly explained everything and they had top notch technology that I’ve never seen before. Everyone was so personable too, I genuinely enjoyed my visit and grateful I found them! Finding a dentist that isn’t gonna try to scam you is hard and I felt that they were very genuine and wasn’t trying to push anything on me that I didn’t need.

Kara Nesbitt Avatar
Kara Nesbitt

One of the BEST DENTISTS. I highly recommend anyone to come here. Dr. Khan and his staff are very knowledgeable, thorough, and quite friendly.
I come to see Dr. Khan from 45 miles away only because I am usually very nervous to go to the dentist but he makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed.

Manar Tushar Avatar
Manar Tushar

5 star ratingThis place is great . I had a dental issue . Got an appointment rapidly . I had a tooth pulled today . Total painless procedure . The place is super clean and modern . Two brothers work together like fluid motion. I could not be happier with the experience . While I was there today . They installed a post for an implant . All in a 2 hour visit.

Lauren G. Avatar
Lauren G.

5 star ratingWe always feel taken care of here...everyone is super nice, helpful and our dental needs are efficient, patient, and done with kindness thank you!

Trang H. Avatar
Trang H.

Smiles Cafe was the third dental group I had visited and my expectations were not very high despite a stellar recommendation from a friend.
There was minimal wait time before I saw the dentist. He started treatment immediately, in conjunction with his equally personable dentist brother. They addressed all of my concerns, made certain I understood the procedure, and let me know throughout the proceedings how far along we were.
Costs were explained prior to any work being done, along with less costly options.
I was under time constraints and they accomplished the dental surgery right on the dot.
The younger dentist offered to call an Uber if I felt unable to safely drive, and put my walker in my car for me.
I definitely recommend Smiles Cafe.

Anne McKenzie Avatar
Anne McKenzie

I broke a tooth, while visiting, and needed to give it quick attention. I was a long way from home. I was fortunate to have chosen Smiles Cafe Dentistry!
I was impressed with the professionalism from everyone there. The end result was a very impressive repair, with pain management well done. They were as interested in my smile as I was, and they worked with my schedule. I was very pleased with their skills. Huntington Beach is fortunate to have Smiles Cafe Dentistry!

Kevin Spencer Avatar
Kevin Spencer