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5 star ratingIf you currently don't have a dentist or don't like your current dentist. Dr.Kahn and his staff are amazing. If it weren't COVID times I would give the staff a hug. I was so concerned about my cracked tooth and Dr.Khan was able to take care of it the day of. (I know this may not be the case for everyone because it's on a case by case basis). He and his staff are so professional and welcoming. If you have anxiety and hate dentists, don't worry Dr.Kahn has you covered. You are missing out it you aren't going to his office for your dental needs.

Natasha C. Avatar
Natasha C.

5 star ratingI called Dr Khan after hours on a Friday with intense pain, he spoke with me about treatment and offered to see me first thing on a Saturday. No appointment and he and his team rolled out the red carpet on a Saturday morning to give me an exam. They were all extremely nice and professional. I highly recommend anyone considering a new dentist come here!

Chris B. Avatar
Chris B.

5 star ratingI had really bad tooth fracture and was in so much pain for more than a week but couldn't find a good dentist who could help me out urgently or suggest something which would either save my tooth or advise on a personal level rather discussing the cost. Every dentist i visited was only interested to discuss the cost of the work which was hardest to discuss with unbearable pain. Then one of my husband's friend referred us to Dr. Khan. With exhausted mind from all other dentists, i decided to see Dr. Khan and am glad that i made the decision. Dr Khan not only helped me get out of the pain right away and guided me the best available option for future. His thorough examination and real time advice with sincerity was the best part for me. He was not only able to save the tooth, also advised me the future options for my dental work. All the options he provided, not only sounded better than previous dentists i visited, they were cost effective as well. Will surely refer to my friends now and will be going back to him for further dental work. Thank-you Dr. Khan

Kinza M. Avatar
Kinza M.

Dr Khan and Deanna are.the very Best! I've been going to Smiles Cafe for a few years now, and I always have the BEST experience! Everyone is so nice and welcoming! Deanna is so gentle and I get really good cleanings every time! Dr Khan is so friendly and patient. I referred a friend who now loves Smiles Cafe and Dr Khan. Dr Khan always asks me how my friend is doing when I'm there and takes really good care.of her. I've never been so happy with my dentist and dental hygienist!

Brian Montoya Avatar
Brian Montoya

5 star ratingBeing almost 40 years old, I've had my share of different dentist offices throughout the years. My experience with the Dr's and hygienist, and all the staff for that matter has been exemplary. From cleanings to cavities, fixing chipped teeth and more, they are the best. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I look forward to seen them before every appointment, it's so hard these days to truly find people who really care about their job, and the people they are helping. Every person here truly cares and does a fantastic job. Book ahead people, because they are busy. Anything worthwhile is worth waiting for.

Trinidad W. Avatar
Trinidad W.

5 star ratingThe staff here went above and beyond to provide a very pleasant experience . Everyone I spoke to was helpful and informative . From booking the appointment to seeing the doctor. I was a cash patient due to my providers being unavailable to see me last minute . Smiles cafe was able to see me day-of. When I arrived they had all windows and doors open and offered hand sanitizer and temperature checks so all patients were safe . The doctor I saw was very personable and he took time to explain to me exactly what was going on with my teeth. He even had another doctor come in to give me a second opinion. I will definitely be back to this office .

Sarah N. Avatar
Sarah N.

5 star ratingI couldn't be more happier and pleased with my teeth whitening that Art did for me. Art answered all my questions and walked me through it step by step and the after care instructions. He also educate me food and drinks that stains the teeth and to be sure to rinse right after. One hour of painless treatment with a little sensitivity afterward. Hey, no pain no gain! Thank you Art!

Cherry S. Avatar
Cherry S.

5 star ratingI went here on referral from my sister who absolutely swears by Dr. Khan. I was not disappointed. I had a crown from a previous dentist that was bothering me after each meal. Dr. Khan repaired/replaced it and I've never felt better. I'm taking my children and referring all friends and family as well. I will never go anywhere else.

Cassandra L. Avatar
Cassandra L.

5 star ratingDr. Khan is AWESOME. About 3 weeks ago a crown on my molar fell out. I did not have a dentist at the time and didn't really know who to call and who would accept my insurance. I put a inquiry on FB Huntington Beach page and within minutes I get a message from Dr. Khan saying he could help! This was in the evening. I was able to get into his office at 8:00 AM the following morning and didn't have to wait in the waiting room . He prepped my tooth and put a temp crown on. No pain - didn't even feel the novacaine. Made an appointment for my perm crown. I found him very gentle and courteous and he actually LISTENS to any concerns. He has state of the art dental technology like CT technology for your teeth imaging. He didnt try to sell me anything at all. Today I got my perm crown on and again no pain and its fits perfectly. Then Dr. Khan did something I did not expect. I told him that I thought that my front tooth that is a crown is cracked and that I probably needed a new crown. We talked about options and he answered questions and then he said "let me try something" - he explained his idea to help me avoid having to get a new crown right away which is costly especially after paying for one just 3 weeks ago. He said that a polishing/smoothing may help because the crack upon close examination appeared to be chips off the porcelain. So he smoothed those chips and polished that old crown and its not "cracked" anymore! I may get some wear out of it until I can afford another crown. We will see. I love that Dr. Khan "thinks out of the box". Thanks AGAIN Dr. Khan!

Patti S. Avatar
Patti S.

5 star ratingI had a dental emergency that I needed to take care. Dr. Kahn was able to see me right away. I have severe dental phobia and have dental issues. I was treated with kindness and respect. We throughly went over my options. For the first time in a long time, I am extremely satisfied!

Polly K. Avatar
Polly K.

I am so thrilled to have found Smiles Cafe Dentistry. Every member of their team is friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. After recently going to a different dentist who told me I needed a deep cleaning and extensive dental work, a friend referred me to Smiles Cafe. They provided me with honest feedback, indicating I was not in need of ANY of the procedures that were recommended to me by the other office. The staff at Smiles Cafe truly look out for their patients’ best interests. I am so thankful to have found them. And Deanna, their hygienist, is so sweet, gentle, and does everything she can to make you feel comfortable. Thank you Smiles Cafe Dentistry!

Allison Lucas Avatar
Allison Lucas

5 star ratingI have put off going to the dentist for years for the major dental work I needed, because I'm a huge wuss when it comes to getting teeth pulled. I got a few opinions before coming here, and I'm SO glad I chose this place to get my work done! Dr. Khan and his team are absolutely AMAZING! They've worked with me in every way possible to give me the best experience. They did everything they could to make sure I was in the least amount of pain. His assistant (I think her name was Angela) even held my hand when I needed to get my numbing shots, and rubbed my mouth when it was all over, which really put me at ease. The whole staff here is just amazing and I cant thank them enough!

Amanda D. Avatar
Amanda D.

I absolutely positively 100% recommend smiles cafe - I only wish I knew of him 2 years ago.
He is honest ! He accommodates your needs he listens he really does.. his staff is on spot and I am more than happy to pay for his great service.
Reasonable prices for those who don’t have insurance!!
Hands down the best Dentist in Orange County

Jessica Coppolino Avatar
Jessica Coppolino

5 star ratingTEARS OF JOY !!!Today I had tears of joy after leaving this office. I don't know if I have ever been more happy about a dentist office and the quality of service received ! My previous dentist in Torrance retired and he was considered a "scary cat" doctor. Growing up I learned to fear the dentist. It runs in my family that we need extra numbing but have been faced with more doctors unwilling to give it. The dentist in Torrnace specialized in working with fearful people. I now live in Huntington Beach and wanted to find a doctor of that specialty in the area. As I searched Yelp I found this office with an overall 5 star rating. That's just unheard of for a dentist office to be so highly rated. I knew I had to give them a call to set up an appointment. From the initial call with deedee I knew this was the place for me. She was so nice and helpful over the phone. I expressed my concerns to see if this was the place for me and she reassured me it was. Upon arriving at the office and being greeted I could see this place was already off to a great start. They checked me in and took me to my room. Everything was super clean and organized. Every single staff member I encountered was very nice and friendly. They all made an effort to get to know me and what brought me to their office. I felt like everyone cared and not like I was just another patient sitting in a chair. The staff and doctor Khan all made sure I was comfortable from start to finish; including the extra numbing that I need. I received a filling for a cavity instead of my initial consult appointment because it was bad. I left the office smiling and happy (under my face mask LOL). I am usually trying to still bring my heart rate down from the nerves of having work completed at the dentist.Whether you are a big chicken like me or love the dentist this is the place for you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this office and will be telling all of my friends/family !!

Shanese D. Avatar
Shanese D.

5 star ratingGreat service and great attitudes. Extremely helpful and honest. I don't like going to the dentist but everyone here made me feel welcomed and comfortable while getting crown.Dr. Khan and his staff were great and I easily recommend Smiles Cafe Dentistry.

Michael B. Avatar
Michael B.