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5 star ratingDr. Khan is absolutely incredible. I mean, who actually likes their dentist? I spent three and a half decades going to random dental offices, not knowing any of them. I would go once or twice a year. Sometimes I'd see the actual dentist for a few minutes, but more often than not, I would just get a cleaning from a random person I'd never see again. Then my office would close or my insurance would change, and I'd try to find somewhere else to go. Now that I've found Dr. Khan, I hope to never change again!He's sweet, caring, personable, understanding, empathetic, thorough, and (add just about any positive adjective possible)! He knows me and my family, asks about my kids, and really cares about his patients. He follows up with you after his services and makes every effort to provide all that he can. He helped me when I had an emergency situation with one of my teeth, he took the time out of his schedule to meet with my mom about an emergency issue and gave her his opinion (at no cost!), he fixed my fiancé's tooth when he broke it, and most recently, he's been guiding and assisting me with my son's dental problems. He gave me a referral, still answered my question even though it had nothing to do with his practice, consulted with the pediatric dentist on his own time, and even made the time to talk to me at length about the situation in order to allay my fears and provide me with support. Dr. Khan goes above and beyond. I trust him, I respect him, and I highly recommend him and his practice to anyone looking for a dental office to call their home.

Lisa S. Avatar
Lisa S.

5 star ratingDr. Khan and the entire staff at smiles cafe are incredibly kind and have wonderful chair-side manner. They were able to accommodate having me come in the next day after I called regarding a wisdom tooth coming in causing me a lot of pain, first thing this morning they extracted the tooth fairly quickly and painlessly. 5/5 stars

Brooke W. Avatar
Brooke W.

5 star ratingThis review is long overdue. I've been with Smiles Cafe Dentistry over 5 years and I rarely walked out of there feeling that they didn't do a good job. The office staff are always friendly and always greet you with a smile no matter how hectic their day is. Most of my interaction is with Deanna, the dental hygienist. She's super duper nice, warm, welcoming, and takes her job very seriously once the cleaning starts. It's hard to find a person who actually enjoys her job and is good at it. Look no further if you're looking for a great dentist office. Happy smiling!

Mai P. Avatar
Mai P.

5 star ratingI recently discovered my first cavity as an adult and was anxious to have it taken care of. I was seen quickly and Dr Khan took his time to sit with me and go over all of my questions during the exam. I quickly booked a filling and was very pleasantly surprised by how easy and painless the procedure was. Dr Khan is a great dentist with a personal touch who never makes you feel rushed and his office is run very smoothly.

Emily C. Avatar
Emily C.

5 star ratingDr. Khan and his staff are so friendly and professional. I had my cleaning done by Jessica. She's so personable and knowledgeable. I can't express how grateful I am to Dr. Khan. He personally looked at his schedule to accommodate and work on my teeth. I am so happy with this dental practice.

Dian T. Avatar
Dian T.

Smiles Cafe Dentistry is who I trust with my dental work and checkups. They do an amazing job and always make you feel like family! Dr. Khan and his staff are always very comforting and have done a lot of work on my teeth over the past year and I can't see myself going anywhere else! Kudos to the entire staff and a shout-out to Deanna, who is my regular hygienist. She is absolutely amazing! Highly recommend you give them a try!

Paul Dixon Avatar
Paul Dixon

5 star ratingI saw both Dr. Khans today! I had a great first experience. I usually dread the dentist but once I got there they were all super kind and you could tell they actually cared about their patients!

Candice B. Avatar
Candice B.

I came to Dr KAHN because I am facing some serious surgeries coming up and needed a thorough check up with an honest dentist. Not only did he do x-rays , just to make sure I am ready he did a CT scan . He was very kind and really informative. His whole staff was like instant family. It was so different than any other experience I have had with dentists in the past. I am switching my whole family over to his care. He is very smart and extremely trustworthy . He spent so much time trying to make me comfortable. I love this place! i left feeling so confident that I was with an honest man. I can't say enough great things about my experience!

Jane Kazor Avatar
Jane Kazor

5 star ratingI was lucky enough to find Smiles Cafe Dentistry through a Huntington Beach Facebook group where someone asked for dental recommendations and a majority were for Smiles Cafe Dentistry. Everyone had different positive experiences to share of the dentist (Dr. Khan), dental hygienists and/or front office staff, so I decided to give them a try and had a GREAT experience! From booking the appointment and figuring out insurance to my consult appointment with Dr. Khan, I was shocked and overjoyed by their level of transparency, patience, and genuine care for me as a new patient. I ended up needing a few cavities filled. I'm an anxious person when it comes to fillings because of a really bad experience years ago, so I was nervous at the start of the procedure but by the time I was through the numbing and the drilling started I was relaxed and confident with the process. Grateful to have found such a great team at Smiles Cafe Dentistry.

Devon B. Avatar
Devon B.

5 star ratingI drive all the way from riverside to this dentalOffice. Dr. Kahn is amazing and is the definition of great service. Deanna is such a fabulous Hygienist and always leaves me feeling pretty! Highly recommend coming here. 🙂

hayley b. Avatar
hayley b.

5 star ratingMy wife got her invisalign about 7 months ago and the whole process has been super easy. The doctor recommended not to get the attachments and it has made her life so much easier. Then one day we went in to get the new trays, I told Dr. Khan that I would like to get invisalign as well but only after I take care of my gum infection. He noticed I had some kind of puss in the infected area and offered to give me a free CT Scan so he can help determine the severity of the infection. After taking the CT scan he urged me to take pictures and videos of it with my phone to show my general dentist. I then went to see my dentist and they asked if we could have those CT scans sent over. When I contacted Dr. Khan, we agreed to mail me the Disk (I live far from the dental office) so I can use that and save myself some bucks. In summary, Dr. Khan, is super caring and didn't need to do any of this. But be sure that once I am ready to get my invisalign after my wife is done with hers, I will sure be going to him!Thanks once again Dr. Khan, you rock! Cheers!

Jay S. Avatar
Jay S.

5 star ratingDr. Khan and his staff still continue to amaze me. I've been coming here since 2018 after a horrible appointment with another dentist. Dr. Khan truly cares about you and the health of your teeth and gums. He never tries to push unnecessary work. I was usually a wreck going to the dentist so much I would carry a stress ball in my sweater pocket to squeeze Dr. Khan is so gentle I don't ever worry with him. Him and his staff are truly the best they always go above and beyond. I live Murrieta and will not go anywhere else he is worth my time and my drive!

Michelle A. Avatar
Michelle A.

5 star ratingI was seen by Dr Khan today at the last minute! He went out of his way to help me. My bottom, right gum, has been hurting the past 2 days. The pain was increasing and I decided to call Dr Khan's office on a Saturday morning (Labor Day weekend). He was able to fit me at the last minute. I was impressed that he really tried to help me get rid of my pain. It turns out my bottom right wisdom tooth is erupting through my gums. After my consultation was over, I headed to CVS for my pain medication. I received another call from Dr Khan advising me what else I can do for my pain. He is the BEST DOCTOR EVER! I'm extremely happy that he helped me out today! I will definitely be coming back to him! I highly recommend him! He explains everything and makes you feel comfortable! Thank you sooo much for you help Dr Khan!

Ana R. Avatar
Ana R.

5 star ratingI have always been terrified to go to the dentist. Suffering from anxiety for years did not help. That all changed when I went to Smiles Cafe Dentistry for an emergency procedure. They let me come in on a day they were not seeing patients to fix my tooth. They have the nicest staff, and dentists. They don't rush with you even though they are busy. They take the time to explain everything they're doing and why. I have never felt so comfortable at a dentist office. I no longer fear going to the dentist and am so excited I am getting the work I needed for so long. I HIGHLY recommend Smiles Cafe Dentistry. You won't regret giving them a try. Thank you to all the staff at Smiles Cafe!

K W. Avatar
K W.

5 star ratingHigh recommend smile cafe dentistry! Dr.khan does a marvelous job! It's painless, smooth and quick, just how everyone would like a dentist appointment to feel like! Plus, the staff is communicative and kind, they definitely make it a welcoming atmosphere!

Veronica L. Avatar
Veronica L.